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YJ SMART MACHINE operates a research organization
to secure R&D capabilities.

YJ SMART MACHINE is a specialized machine tool company that develops and sells SMART WORKER and electric discharge machine. We are doing our best to develop suitable smart machine tools.

In 2017, we jointly developed a PC-NC-based discharge machine with STANDY, and also participated in the YJSMT graphite electrode processing machine G-MAN7 development project. By participating, we are opening a new chapter in smart machine tools.

In 2020, we collaborated smart factory with SPM, the only wire-cut electric discharge device brand in Korea, and are operating the Yeongnam branch.

All machines sold by YJ SMART MACHINE are fully analyzed and researched in detail to provide technical support. Machine sales play an important role in the machine supply and demand system, such as machine operation know-how, technical support, maintenance, and after-sales service. You must have comprehensive processing technology, etc. YJ SMART MACHINE aims to supply total solutions related to graphite processing and electric discharge processing. We will do our best to maintain the most optimized machine and efficient processing for our customers.

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